Friday, 11 March 2011

Rabbit Holes..

      Well, after my statement of being an antisocial bastard the other day, I decided to head into town and check out a couple of things, so among my wanderings through the spaghetti map that is the london undergrounn, across the river Thames and it's surrounds I managed to make my way to Dark Sphere Games.
  The first thing I noticed is the fact that this shop, despite being there for at least 12 months, has got no large sign on the top. That's it, no banner, nothing. If you weren't keeping a sharp eye, it's easy to miss.
 Fortunately, if you're looking, the posters and such like can be most helpful in finding it, although the large amount of Magic: The Gathering  posters was off putting. (Personal grudge, I don't like CCG's)
  Anyway, once you find it and get in there, forget your normal browsing patterns, there are no visible prices, anywhere on anything other then the P3 paints. Oh, and it's less browsing, more like an archeological dig,  it's roughly the size of a  shoebox and the walls are covered, absolutely covered with stock, and stock stacked on top of stock . It's a massive selection of stuff, a really great selection, IF you can find what you want. Don't be afraid to ask, you will need to ask regardless because nothing is stickered with prices, oh wait, I already mentioned that, can you guess how annoyed I was by that?
     Oh, and diminishing the space even more, I chose the day when they had just had a delivery.

 On a totally different note, I had my first experience with a wet shave when someone else is holding the blade.
  While the pampering was nice, the hot towels, the slap,  certain other of the services were a little odd. The hand and arm massage for example, what on earth was that about? And the ear singeing? Really, really strange.
 Sadly, for all that, it was a lousy shave, as a blonde I usually only need to shave every 2-3 days,  I'm currently sporting evening stubble. Well, that was 15 quid  that would have been better spent on paint.

Right, I'm hoping to get back on the brush tomorrow, I've got a group of 5  Reservoir Dogs-esque figures I've been slapping around with the brushes.


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