Monday, 14 March 2011

Cardstock and scalpels

 Hello again, presuming you've been here before, if not, hello and welcome to the blog!
                                                    I've spent today building tiles and things for Worldworks Games latest product, the Oubliette of Peril
                          Like all of worldwork's products, it's well thought out and produced, excellently done at a great price, however, the economy of price comes with a cost that while not hidden, you might not think of immediately. 
  While you're building this you're going to need a lot of cardstock at a specific weight, you're also going to hammer the ink on your printer and go through a LOT of scalpel blades, the last isn't really a problem, as I buy them by the box anyway :)
  Oh, you're also going to need a fair amount of adhesive and foam board. 

So while it can be great, and once you've made a lot of bits up, all very labour intensive, I might add, then you can build some very nice, very adaptable gaming boards that you can configure to just about any gaming purpose you wish.

 For me, I'm now looking towards one of the automated cutters that they do, shame it's £240 after VAT, but hey, talk about time saving :D

That's all for now folks, tomorrow I might actually show you some minis, go figure :D

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