Monday, 5 May 2014

Pay the piper...

In spite of the witty title, there are no pipers on the painting desk. There is however a few revaluations. The first one is said without any real venom, it's just a statement of fact. As far as Games Workshop goes, I'm done.

They just don't have a product that appeals to me anymore. All the stuff I've got, all it's going to do is sit in cases and gently gather dust. Time to let it go and sell it on, put the money into stuff that I'm actually interested in now.

First off is going to be my imperial guard, I never even finished building them. The rest will follow shortly after.

So where is my focus now then? Well obviously Malifaux is my priority, I have The Ortegas based and under coated and ready to get done.

I also have Ten Thunders, the Railway Crew, to be painted, Lady J's crew to be built and painted. Sonia's crew is to be built and the same. Who knows, if my internet is out long enough, maybe I will get them all done.

Progress reports will hopefully follow :D


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