Monday, 5 May 2014

Time on my hands...

 Recently I've been having a nightmare in regards to my internet. Major FUBAR between the ISP and the phone company and all that fun stuff. My computer has essentially been reduced to a very large, very expensive MP3 player.   

However, it did get me thinking (shush Bear) I've often considered the question of where did I find the time when I was younger to paint a whole army. Admittedly it wasn't painted very well, but it was painted.   

Well, the answer came to me today. It's all the internets fault, when I was younger we didn't have internet at first and when we did, we had the raw power of a 36k (or whatever it was) modem. Feel the speed.   


  Anyone that remembers dial up knows you could start the process and then go do something else for half an hour.   As a result, having faster and faster internet over time and access to more and more diversions online ( Twitter I'm looking at you) I've found it very easy to ignore stuff just to play silly buggers online.  

  As a result and as I am apparently going to be lacking internet until at least the 21st of May I will be getting lots of hobby done.   I have already started this by getting the green stuffed bases made and my Ortegas pinned onto them.  

  Pictures will be forth coming. Honest.   

  Anyway, that's all for now, I'm signing off.   

This is killing my phones data. :P  Marc 

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