Monday, 12 September 2011

Skyping and painting..

As anyone that does it knosw, painting can end up being a very isolated hobby. You spend hours on your own, concentrating on little toy soldiers that in spite of your dreams( or possibly your nightmares) will never tell you how they feel about  your work on their paint job.

              So the other day I saw a random tweet that was a brilliant idea. Being on skype, while you paint with others that are doing the same thing.  You've got a headset, so your hands are free, you're talking to other people that are doing the same thing. If you have a problem or a genius idea, you can share it straight away.

It's genius, and it's so simple.

Wish I'd thought of it.

If anyone wants to try it, drop me a msg.


1 comment:

  1. more of a visual kind of person than a talkative type. although this is a grand idea. it seems like a fleshed out idea of skypehammer. it would be awesome to help remember certain schemes or keep track of and organize conversion ideas as well as an almost being there in person to gain more insight on the inner working of the collective wargames community.