Thursday, 17 April 2014

Holy Shit...

Has it really been 3 ish years since I bothered to update this?
Wow, that's just...lame. :D

Anyway, here's an update.

Salute 2014 has just been and gone. It was awesome, no Bring And Buy this year though. No idea why.

We're getting ready to record episode 15 of the Flock And Awe podcast tomorrow, can't believe it myself. How we're still going is anybodies guess.

Since my last blog I have turned into a real maliwhore ™  especially with the new plastics, which are awesome. If you haven't seen them already head on over to just about any LGS or just google Malifaux or M2E.

My desk has undergone yet moor evolutions, as it is want to do over time. I've replaced a lot of the hardware that held my paints, changing back to paintiers for the most part. As is the norm, that's not to say that things will stay that way, but... it will do for now.

O.k. So more news on the podcast.  You can check us out here or go looking for us on itunes.  We've got some great guests lined up for the coming months,  it's going to be a blast, so please tune in and enjoy.

Also, there will be some reviews coming. I don't get a lot of painting done, but I do like to buy shinies, so expect reviews to become a common thing :D

That's all for now folks!



  1. You could just come and join thr bear crew ;)

  2. I could do that... but I think I'd rather just be an affiliate that forgets to blog for three years at a time :D