Saturday, 19 April 2014

Lets go back to basics..

Or maybe that should be back2base-ix.

So who are they for starters? Well, they are an Australian company that makes paint racks and work top organisers and the like out of laser cut MDF and laser cut acrylic.

It's really quite nice. This is going to be the first of 4 reviews for their products that I own. To day I'm going to be talking about their R.A.F stand.

R.A.F in this case stands for Rank And File (Clever, eh?)

When it's built, it should look, something like this.

Each of those stands has a magnet at top and bottom and is magnetically attached to the base itself. So if you are one of those mad magnetisers (you know who you are) then this kit is a little bit of a wet dream for you.

O.k, This was the last of their kits that I built, so I'd say I'm fairly experienced with their style by now. This is by and far the fiddliest kit I've built by them. The frame everything stands on is easy peasy, but it took me several false starts on the stands.  Be careful, think it through, watch the videos. 

Advice- Lay the kit out first, and pair the magnets up. Also, when you're tightening the screws, to tighten them too much where the magnets are or you run the risk of cracking them. Like I did.

Here's a really neat thing about it. Once assembled (correctly) you can do this with it.

I gave it a good shake and none of them dropped off, so I can definitely recommend the thinking that went into that.

So I suppose, if you're using all plastic models, once attached to the bases and everything is properly magnetised, you could turn them outside down and nothing will fall off. (Although way you would want to do that, is beyond me.

So all in all:-
Ease of build - 6/10
Practicality 9/10

Overall rating A solid 8/10. I would definitely recommend this to die hard painters that like things orderly.

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