Monday, 21 April 2014

Meanwhile, in the wild west....

Hello again!

5 days running? Must be the end of the world.

Those of you that know me, or have listened to the podcast that I do with @DocBungle, @KevinBryant76 and @TheBlueHeretic  on twitter, might be aware of the fact that I am a total Maliwhore ™.

To this effect I have decided to try and build an old west board to play on, because my first choice of crew has and likely always will be, the Latigo Posse as lead by Perdita Ortega.

Mmmmm.. Tasty!

So I've been slowly gathering some bits and pieces to make this table.  I've got pink foam to build canyons out of, I've got trees on the way to dot around the terrain, I've got some scatter terrain like a MDF gallows, ,stage coach and water pump...

I love that stage coach, don't it look great? I'm thinking about using some old GW horses and hitching them up to it.

 Hangman's Noose is incoming on that, post painting. :)
And this, apparently, is a water pump. Whoda thunk it
I always wondered what the heck they were supposed 
to do in the movies.

Those are all from and are very reasonably prices, £7.50 for the coach, £7.50 for the gallows and I think about £12.50 for the water pump. All made out of laser cut MDF and they go together with ease. 

I've also got these little beauties...
Cardstock buildings of the print out and build type!

I got the PDF's for these from Fat Dragon Games. The same rules apply to these as they do to all card stock models, but they are pretty good value for money even allowing for that.  I wish I could have printed them in colour, but as my printer is only capable of black, that wasn't happening. :D

So let's put them all together and see what we get, shall we? 

Yes, I know, it's looking rather sparse at the moment, but have faith, it's a work in progress. I'm being significantly tempted by some more of Sarissa Precision's stuff. It is all exceedingly nice, and some f it is pretty kind on the wallet too.  

Right, that's all from me for today kiddies. If you've got something you want to add, just chuck me a comment, I always read them :) 

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