Friday, 18 April 2014

TREES! AKA- The Way Of The Bear

So after much taunting of @DocBungle on Twitter for the mess he made of his house with model  trees and the grief he got for it from Mrs Bear (Alex to her friends, Mrs Bear to you lot :P) I've decided to have a go.

As I was Wickes earlier buying some of that elusive pink foam  (Space Board Eco being it's real name, apparently) I decided to pick up what I thought I needed.

Proof that it does exist outside of the wilds of Nottingham!

Anyway, I grabbed the wire, some spray adhesive (Protip- Use outdoors, make sure anything you value is covered up) steel wool and some cork tiles, because, hey why not.

I had a go, my first attempt (before painting, because it's well established that I don't know one end of a paintbrush from the other) looks...well... put it this way, I should finally be able to get those really tough tea stains out from my mug.

Yeah, it's not exactly genius. I finally found this tutorial, which just showed me how off base I was, for starters, I need different wire entirely. Oh well, that's next on the shopping list!

I haven't forgotten the promised reviews, they are coming! Hell, it's not like I've got any followers left anyway, lol.


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