Sunday, 20 April 2014

Back To Basics... Again...

o.k, o.k, I know I used that pun yesterday, but bear with me.
Today I'm talking about the Basus Basing System from and available for sale from

The concept:-

A large (180 mm or just over 7 inches, for those of you stuck on imperial) resin base where all the details are sculpted in inverse. They look like this :D
 This is the Baker Street 1825 AD one 
And this is the Wooden Decking one.

The Process:-
Take your base, load it up with putty (green stuff, brown stuff, whatever your choice may be) spritz it with water  so it's not sticky. Press it firmly onto any section of the base stamp that appeals to you snf pull it off.

Set it to the side and you're done!

 Your results will vary, but here's some that I did.

O.k, so these retail for about £25 each. However I think if you're buying resin bases normally, they work out fairly cost effective over time and the possibilities while not endless do mean that it's very unlikely you're going to have too many identical bases. 

I really like them, but lets do a pro/con break down.


Resin (with all the pros and cons that come with that)
Details on bases can soften as putty sets, but that's more a property of the putty than the base.

Ease of use  9/10
Appearance  8/10
Construction  - no score, nothing to build.
Value for money  7/10 ( would rate them higher, but £25 plus shipping gets expensive fast)

Overall though, a very respectable 8/10

It's a great product that I expect to get a lot of use out of for many years to come.

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