Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A Cunning Plan?

    I picked up an old wine crate on the way home today, sadly empty of actual wine, but when I saw it, I knew it had potential.
 Potential for what, I'm not quite sure, I've got vague ideas of a portable painting case, not unlike these

But of course limited by my not-so-great  wood working skills :D
If I won the lottery,  modelo MT 02 is the one I'd like :D

Right, now I need some food.


  1. Good Luck with this. I will follow and see how this transpires!

  2. Looks Great! When I was Younger My Dad and I used to love to find the wood wine cases as they were perfect for storing Metal Miniatures... Still have a few around! BTW I am the Dragon's DH. How are the Home Guard coming along?

  3. Is it even possible to order these? Because...I can't find the order button anywhere on that website. XD Of course, being able to understand Spanish might help.

    MT 05 would be amazing.

  4. where is the website for these... ?

  5. @opr8or You can find them here http://www.modelmaq.es/ Good luck.