Saturday, 5 February 2011

Progress! And a new acquisition!

Well,  I did it, I actually started to get something done, I picked the little green bug-eyed dude :)  I'm particularly fond of the rather bright purple jacket and red shirt and orange shorts combo, snappy dresser, eh?

Yes, I know, far too much light, but then again, it was just a quick snap.

I also had a lucky find, someone was throwing out this piece of furniture.

It doesn't show in the photo very much, but t's been painted with a very pale, almost white blue, in what I believe the decorators like to call "distressed", personally, I know streaky when I see it :D So that's going to be a heavy sand down with the belt sander, then some brass name plate furniture, that should make it a lot better..

Now where to put it on my already crowded desk......

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