Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Wow.. a week already since I posted?

 Um yeah, it's been a big fat fail lately, lol.

 But I have made some recent purchases, so I'll talk about those.

 First up, rather mundane, but I needed them. I was having a problem with  the flip top lids on a fair few of my paints, they seem to have developed some kind of crumbling nurgle's rot,
No, I haven't been chewing on them.

So, yes, with the seals now being less then great, it was time to do some research, see if I couldn't get some lids.

I found several sources, but the best price I found was here. The problem as such is that you have to buy the lids and pots as one unit, so I know have a whole bunch of  empty pots with no use for them.

Other purchases, include some more Warmachine, some more Infinity and a dipping of toes into a new horror skirmish game called Malifaux (well, new to me)

For Warmachine, I ordered the new resin/plastic Heavy warjack and the Triumph upgrade kit.

So that's going to be a lot of fun putting those together, magnets ahoy!

For  Infinity, I decided to go with the Yu Jing Su Jian  Immediate Action Group, in other words, Transformers!

Finally, for Malifaux, I couldn't resist some Hilbilly Gremlins :D

I mean who could resist these sweet little fellows?
So I guess I'll be painting a fair bit of green in the future, of course, it's all dependant on when the gamestore of choice decides to deliver them.

So yes, that's what's coming up next.

Oh, and I hurt both my legs trying to swim today, I say swim, but judging by the splashing I was making, I think that  the lifeguard may have thought I was having some sort of seizure. I do know how to swim, I'm just out of practise, way out of practise. :D
That's all for now folks, catch ya later!

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